U/C Machines

U/C Machines

U/C Machines

Teotech UC/ Machinery: It Sets the Quality and Efficiency Standards of the Construction Industry

Teotech is one of the strongest and most experienced companies in the industry in the U/C profile bending line and U/C profile light steel manufacturing with the UC/ machines it offers for the construction industry. Our company, which has been serving for more than 20 years, continues its services as the sector leader in U/C profile bending line and U/C profile light steel manufacturing.

Teotech UC/ Machines and PIC Software

Teotech's UC/ machines are equipped with user-friendly PIC software. This software further simplifies the operation of the machine, providing operators with ease of use. In addition, the maintenance processes of the machine are also facilitated by the PIC software.

Superior Manufacturing with High Quality Galvanized Sheet

Our UC/ machines produce high quality and durable products using first class galvanized sheet. In this way, production with all kinds of weight and size features can be realized.

Teotech Education Services: Full User Support

Teotech offers its customers a perfect experience with its services that support the machine purchasing process. In this context, detailed trainings are provided on the use and maintenance of our machines. These trainings given by Teotech are of great importance for users to use the machines more effectively and efficiently.

Teotech continues to add value to the sector with its advanced UC/ machines and provides the best service to its customers.

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