High Quality and Technology

Teotech software and machines offer technological and fast solutions in the light steel construction industry.

Teotech has been serving in the sector with rational, systematic and planned operations since 2004. Teotech, which is open to development with its experienced staff, works with the precision of 1/1000 of a millimeter with the smart steel production machines it has produced and allows you to make error-free productions.

With 20 years of experience in the industry, Teotech provides you with more than 12000 project libraries, design programs and production programs. Thanks to these software it provides, it can produce fast and error-free productions. You can design your structures before production. You can provide the machinery and assembly support of the buildings you want to produce from Teotech.

High Quality and Technology


RollForm Machines


Profile Machines

Our Design and Production Software

Our company, which produces Roll Form lines designed by Teotech R&D team, allows the architectural design of steel profiles with the TeoCad program it supports within the scope of its own R&D project.

  • TeoCAD Design Software
  • TeoCAM Production Software
TeoCAD Design Software

TeoCAD: Computer Aided Drawing and Manufacturing Technology

TeoCAD is an original steel profile design software designed by the Teotech R&D team. This software, which is used in the production of rollform lines, allows you to interactively intervene in architectural drawings and perform important calculations such as surface area, quantity and tonnage. With TeoCAD, you can increase productivity, shorten your production process and control your material consumption.

TeoCAM Production Software

TeoCAM Computer Aided Rollform Machine Software for Optimization and Effective Control

TeoCAM is the ideal steelmaking software for Roll-form machines. It communicates precisely with the machines by reading the transferred data and gives the correct commands. You can control each stage by watching it on the TeoCAM screen; from profile production to a 4-step process (leveling and notching, plumbing, rivet gapping and cutting). You can organize your production and assembly processes through the panels numbered with TeoCAD, as well as optimize your purchasing process with the number of rivets provided by TeoCAM. With TeoCAM, you can produce steel construction panels designed with TeoCAD, smoothly and efficiently.