TeoCAM Production Software
TeoCAM Production Software

TeoCAM Production Software

TeoCAM Production Software: The New Age of Rollform Machines

TeoCAM Production Software is at the heart of the steel construction industry. This powerful software controlling rollform machines plays a major role in increasing the speed, accuracy and efficiency of steel production.

TeoCAM as Steel Manufacturing Software

Steel making is more complex than you might think. This is where TeoCAM comes into play. The production of steel construction panels designed on TeoCAD is carried out with the TeoCAM production program. The data obtained in the production process is read by TeoCAM and transmitted to the machine as directives.

TeoCAM as Rollform Machine Software

TeoCAM does much more than just the production of steel panels. Rollform machines make the most of TeoCAM's data transfer capabilities. This software tells the machine what operations to do and displays the results simultaneously on the TeoCAM screen.

For example, during the production of a profile, the processes of leveling and notching, opening the installation gap, opening the rivet gap and cutting are applied in four different stations, respectively. All these processes are controlled and monitored by TeoCAM software.

Numbering and Coordination

TeoCAM not only speeds up the production process, but also ensures order and coordination. Numbered panels on TeoCAD are read by TeoCAM and thus each panel produced gets a number. This makes it easy to monitor actions performed on a particular panel.

In addition, outputs such as production and assembly sheets prepared in TeoCAD provide coordination between the production and assembly site thanks to the TeoCAM software.

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