Teotech R&D

Teotech R&D

TeoCAD (Computer Aided Drawing) and TeoCAM (Computer Aided Manufacturing) are computer technologies mainly used for product design and manufacturing purposes; The first of these is used in the design of the product through some design software, while the second includes software to control the machines inside.

Our system uses the world's leading advanced design and engineering software, which reduces the need for engineer involvement during detailed design, speeds up compliance, reduces engineering cost and minimizes the margin for error in the field.

Our system is the only Cold Rolled Steel system in the industry that combines both engineering and design software in one easy-to-use package.

Our software has been developed to provide fast and efficient design that can generate designs to save compatibility and rework costs.

TeoTech, designers can import the design file into TeoCad Structure or draft the design and complete the engineering calculations in the software.

Our software has all the major Cold Rolled Steel building codes integrated for most markets worldwide. So wherever you live in the world, you can be sure that the design can be made in accordance with the law and leading Cold Rolled Steel calculation techniques.